Stifel Theatre

St. Louis’ historic opera house (formerly known as the Kiel Opera House and Peabody Opera house), was built in the 1930s in the Art Deco style. The building originally contained an auditorium back-to-back with the Opera House. The auditorium was torn down in 1990 to be replaced with a hockey arena for the St. Louis Blues.  Akustiks was involved in the renovation of the 3,500-seat main theater that once again hosts concerts, comedy, touring Broadway shows and family events.

Project Location: St. Louis, MO

Client Name: Paric Construction

Project Name: Kiel Opera House (Peabody Opera House)

Architect: OTJ Architects (formerly Martinez+Johnson Architecture)

Theatre Consultant: Schuler Shook

Project Year: 2011

Project Size: 315,000 sq ft

Project Cost: US $78,000,000

While last weekend’s grand opening gala event with Aretha Franklin and Jay Leno was a success, it took the more complicated sonic explosions of Wilco to really test the acoustic capabilities of the Peabody. And the Peabody proved it could handle every snap, crackle and pop Wilco emitted from the stage on clear display.”
– Kevin C. Johnson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, October 5, 2011


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