Illuminarium is a unique platform for narrative storytelling, as David Rockwell put it. It has recently opened facilities in Atlanta and Las Vegas, which feature indoor-outdoor cafes and immersive theaters. Visitors are transported to far-off environments with the help of expansive 16K resolution videos produced by laser projection technology, along with intense soundscapes created by the latest mapped Holoplot audio technology. The experience is further enhanced by floor haptics and scent. Akustiks provided acoustical design and oversight to support the project.

Project Location: Atlanta, GA and Las Vegas, NV

Client Name: Alan Greenberg, Radical Media, Legends, Rockwell Group

Project Name: Illuminarium

Architect: Lab - Rockwell Group

Project Year: 2021

Project Size: 26,000-square-foot venue (each location)

Project Cost: US $30,000,000

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