Dallas Theatre Center

The Kalita Humphreys Theater is unique in that it represents Frank Lloyd Wright’s spatial and acoustical vision for a New Theatre. It was intended by its designer to be a multi-use theater seating the majority of the audience, approximately 400 people on a shallow rake orchestra floor and approximately 40 persons seated in a shallow balcony. Opening in 1959, the theater incorporated a round thrust stage projecting into the house with side stages creating a panoramic theatrical experience differentiating itself from the traditional proscenium theater presentation. As part of a Master Plan study of the facility in its current conditions, Akustiks provided extensive research of original plans and field study to advise on the original design intent, constructions, subsequent alterations and the current conditions of this space with respect to its acoustics.

Project Location: Dallas, TX

Client Name: City of Dallas - Office of Cultural Affairs

Project Name: Dallas Theatre Center

Theatre Consultant: Theatre Projects

Project Year: 2009 (Master Plan Study)

Project Size: TBD

Project Cost: TBD

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