Cleveland Museum of Art

The expansion of the Cleveland Museum of Art restored the historic 1916 building to its original grandeur, updated Marcel Breuer’s modernist 1971 wing and created the “Atrium”, a new building that links these two structures. Akustiks oversaw all acoustic aspects of the expansion including the Atrium, Galleries and the renovation of the Gartner Auditorium; a 765-seat recital hall. The latter work focused on transforming the hall’s problematic acoustics to better serve the needs of the Museum’s extensive Performing Arts programs.

Project Location: Cleveland, OH

Client Name: Cleveland Museum of Art

Project Name: Cleveland Museum of Art

Architect: Rafael Viñoly Architects / Westlake Reed Leskosky

Project Year: 2013

Project Size: 10,200M sq ft

Project Cost: US $350,000,000

I couldn’t be happier with what I perceive to be a beautiful acoustic renovation. I think they hit it out of the park in terms of improving the acoustics for recording and the audience.”
– Bruce Egre

The atrium’s quality of sound defies what’s left of your belief. Any other space this large—more than 300 feet long by 100 feet wide—and enclosed by stone and glass would be an aural study in echo and intrusion. But here ambient sound blends into the tranquility. The men and women fluent in the language of acoustics have applied their expertise so successfully that the shyest greeting from a stranger lands easily upon your ears. At once, this immense room delivers something completely unexpected: intimacy.”
– Michael Gill, Collective Arts Network, October 6, 2012


  • Building Design + Construction, 27th Annual Reconstruction Awards, Silver Award


Photos © by Kevin G. Reeves


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