Akustiks and Jeckyl Foundation work to improve school experience

The Jeckyl Foundation, a non-profit organization started by Bette Midler, provides resources and financial support to cultural, educational and environmental organizations working to improve communities in need around the world.  Seeing a need in local public schools, as part of The Jeckyl Foundation, Miss Midler started Stages for Success, a campaign to modernize outdated and dysfunctional public school auditoriums. Akustiks donated design services in four school upgrades that have been completed thus far:

  • S. 223 – Laboratory School of Finance and Technology – South Bronx
  • S. 105 – The Bay School – Far Rockaway
  • Susan S. McKinney Secondary School of the Arts – Brooklyn
  • Fordham High School for the Arts – Bronx

Akustiks provided acoustic recommendations tailored to each school and their respective programs. We also provided audio video system design as well as system programming and training for staff and students. Rather than provide a cookie cutter design that could be used at all the schools, Akustiks designed each system to the specific auditorium and the schools’ unique programs in mind. It was very important to Miss Midler that the students have access to equipment they would find in the industry, so we treated these projects like any other performing arts center. Akustiks has also visited each school after project completion to make programming updates and assist in system changes as their programs adapt over time. It has been an honor to be a part of shaping these kids lives and making sure they have the best opportunities to excel in the arts.

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